Saturday, March 3, 2012

Also Read

I've decided to start a separate post for the books I've read which don't really need a review of their own. I'll update this from time to time. These include so far:

  • Build A Man, by Talli Roland (Book 158), a sort of love story where a wannabe tabloid journalist working as a receptionist for her plastic surgeon boyfriend meets the man of her dreams when he comes in for a complete makeover. The clash of ethics with the chance of her dream job makes for interesting reading, though the book is a bit lightweight.
  • Three Ways to Die, short stories by Lee Goldberg (Book 157)
  • Brilliant Book of Calm , short, thought-provoking and inspirational chapters on keeping a more centered life (Book 156)

Babylon Series - Books 154 and 155

The Babylon series of books is written by Imogen Edwards-Jones with the help of an anonymous source inside the industry she is profiling. Factual information and anecdotes that actually took place are compressed into the space of a week. Perhaps the best known of the series is Hotel Babylon which subsequently sparked a TV program, but other in the series include Air Babylon, Fashion Babylon, Pop Babylon and the two I've just read, Beach Babylon and Wedding Babylon. Believe me - you will learn more about the inner workings of these industries than you ever wanted to know, all told with the best of British humor. Hotel, Air and Wedding are my favorite of the series so far, but rumor has it that another expose is on its way. Can't wait.  Recommended.

Check them all out on the Imogen Edwards-Jones author page.

The Lonely Mile - Book 153

Next to Before I Go to Sleep, this is probably the best book I've read all year. The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone tells the story of a truck driver and former soldier who gets in the way of a serial killer who is about to capture his next victim. He saves the girl, but thereby creates an undesirable connection. How that plays out is the subject of the book. While technically there were a couple of faults which might give away one of the surprises, I liked the characters and the plot twists and found the last few chapters absolutely gripping! Highly recommended.

Embody by Jan Tilley - Book 152

This sci-fi book is told from the perspective of an alien intelligence sent on a mission to find out as much as possible about humans by inhabiting their brains. The concept of two intelligences co-existing is an interesting one and you have to wait for the end to find out the point of the mission and the solutions to some ancient mysteries. While not great, it was quite readable and sci-fi fans will probably enjoy it.

Future Queens of England - Ryan Matthews - Book 151

Future Queens of England is a humorous tale of Tony a homophobic, thuggish lout who is sentenced to a year at a finishing school for gay men. Along the way he changes is thoughts, gets over his prejudices, makes new friends and finds love (with the only other straight person at the school). The author pokes fun at stereotypes and is not above lots of low but rib-tickling very British humor. A good read if you want something light and entertaining. Recommended.

An English Rose with Thorns - John Moralee - Book 150

This is a small collection of short stories of which the most interesting is the last - the tale of robbery and smuggling where nothing is what it seems. I can't say much more without giving it away, so if you get the chance to pick this one up for free, as I did, take it. Recommended.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan - Book 148

The Lost Hero takes us back to the world Rick Riordan made famous in the Percy Jackson series. This time Percy is nowhere to be seen but some of our old friends search for him while we are introduced a a new set of demigods, including Jason, whose memory has been mysteriously wiped. He (along with 6 other demi-gods - we don't meet them all now) is at the centre of a new prophecy about the usual sort of death, destruction and general mayhem as gods try to rise and conquer. I found the book readable but not compelling, though I'll probably read the rest of them since I like all that Greek and Roman god stuff. Recommended (if you like that sort of thing).